13 Jan - Hi FM's Robin & Jonny AND Lanker Wordol (Who?)

The WORST of Robin & Jonny and the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, January 13th, 2022 - 56 minutes

The guys relive their worst moments of last year... you have 4 of these a day (????)... Jonny has made some New Year's resolutions and why Robin's wife used to make 10 of them a year... the guys do a shout-out to 4th graders ONLY... Jonny played Roblox for the first time... Robin learned some new things about the new guy Harry Harrison... what Ryan Seacrest's co-host's baby and Robin have in common... the woman who married a colour... the new detail on Lego's tiger model... Quasi from Hala FM missed the guys while they were away... can you teach a goldfish to drive?... Robin's daughter has questions for Jonny... a guy spent months learning French to ask a girl out... Jonny forgot they drive on the left in the UK... women are happiest when their partners die... what would you rate yourself out of 10?... words of 2021 that everyone mispronounced... Jonny held up a word for Robin to read, but he refused... a lady phoned up to find out what that word was... the new guy at Hi FM made a massive mistake on his show!... the confusion that ensues when Jonny checks into a hotel... what happened when Jonny's girlfriend met his parents?... have the guys got back into their morning routine?... are these real candle scents?... who is Lanker Wordol?... the guys categorically answer whether you should wash your jeans or not. GLAD THEY'RE BACK? NO US NEITHER.

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