15 Nov - The one where Jonny is caught by the police!

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, November 14th, 2019 - 42 minutes

Jonny and his parents were pulled over by the ROP… the woman busted for a side hustle… do you hate chit chat when you visit the hairdresser?… how did the 4 day week work out for Microsoft… what’s the top thing that keeps you awake at night… what amazed Jonny’s dad about his trip to Oman… Miley Cyrus has recorded a special version of Wrecking Ball just for Robin… the bar in Tokyo you can only enter alone… a bakery has claimed donuts with holes are healthier… Jonny ruins National Day… Madonna is being sued… a lot of people lose sleep doing this… the woman in love with a plane… Jonny brings a bit to the table, and completely ruins it… the girl who quit her job to eat loads of food on YouTube… the oldest couple alive… the gender reveal party that went wrong… half of people do this at work to make them more productive… Calm Larry goes turtle watching… Amazon Alexa will be able to see you… do you use Dr Google?… the guys argue about doing a bit and then get pathetic with a caller… your face could make you 50,000 Rhials… 18 board games that are making a comeback… Calm Larry used to race cars… great tricks to get someone to say 'yes' when you ask them for a favour… the most beautiful woman in the world... AND MAYBE MORE BITS, WHO KNOWS I'VE LOST THE WILL TO CHECK!