16 Sept - Jonny lies to Robin (again) on this one!

The WORST of Robin & Jonny and the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, 16 September 2021 - 48 minutes

The future of seeing the doctor... the weird thing Robin does during his weekly shop... Robin nearly had a crash... the policeman who looks like a The Rock... Jonny destroys a famous song on his guitar... Calm Larry went to a fancy dress party... video games are actually good for your health... Robin has the secret for a lasting relationship... can you guess the movie from the one-line description?... where did Covid originate?... Robin mumbles his way through a bit... a guy calls and forgets who he is and why he called in... the Daddy Long Legs with errrrr short legs... Jonny watched a video of himself on Hi FM socials and now can't take himself seriously... how things are changing now the kids are back in school... have you relaxed during the pandemic? Robin and Jonny argue about the school drop-off and pick-up... Robin asks if there are any ladies who are in charge of the remote control?... a lady phones to put Robin in his place about remote controls... Robin and Jonny prove just how childish they are at work... Calm Larry can't stop doing Star Wars puns... Jonny lies to Robin (what's new?)... Jonny makes fun of Robin for his signature cooking dish... how Jonny managed to make a fool of himself in Salalah (what's new?)... James Cordon got a restraining order against a fan... the new dating term you need to know about... women are the decision-makers when it comes to the TV... cats are getting stressed... you can buy the car Tupac was shot it... Jonny proposing a new rating system for Netflix movies... ANNNND THAT'S YER LOT!

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