18 Feb - The one with the BMW 🚙😱

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, February 18th, 2021 - 57 minutes

What's in Ryan Seacrest's Canister?... song lyrics Jonny cannot hear properly... Robin is a new person... the one thing you MUST do after a break-up... a guy wants Jonny's Valentine's Day recipe... a car with Covid vaccines was stolen... someone else phones up for Jonny's recipe... how much is Louis Vuitton's new sweater?... how farmers are looking after their animals better... the guys miss their home studios... a secret admirer dropped off a Valentine's day card for one of the guys.. the guys try to find Jonny's secret admirer... what Bill Gates has to say about climate change... some crazy girls call up... Jonny visited something that might be the first of these in Oman... the emoji that isn't cool anymore... why Jonny ignored his girlfriend when he first saw her dating profile... have you had food stolen by a co-worker?... Jonny bought a sterilizer gun... we have all been mispronouncing BMW all our lives... Calm Larry wants a new car... Michelle Obama is going to star alongside some puppets... can you fall in love while virtual dating?... the lengths that Robin and Jonny went to for their partners for Valentine's Day... Jonny does a blatant plug for a company to get something for free... Jonny got pranked by Hi FM's Rachel Chew... Hi FM's boss Eihab heard Jonny plug a company... the guys try to call Hi FM's Rachel Chew, but get hold of a mystery man instead???? THAT'S THE 411 FOR THE WEEK. ENJOY, OR DON'T.