19 Aug - Robin scared Jonny badly - TWICE!

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, August 19th, 2021 - 47 minutes

the story of Jonny's first date EVER… wearing headphones make you lonely… the real life Barbie penthouse… the opposite to the perfect crime… Twitter is changing… 1 in 22 people are one of these… Jonny is his girlfriend's 3rd favourite Hi FM Presenter… do you commit this laundry travesty?.. Robin tried Ikea's new meatball scented candle… Quasi from Hala FM comes in to give Jonny hell… Jonny is letting his girlfriend give him a skin care regime… a man set the record for eating the most Big Macs… can we blame our metabolism for getting fat?… what Robin's wife lies to him about… Messi is moving to PSG… two thirds of people in relationships have what on standby… Jonny is insulted by his house warming gift from Chris Bovaird… a man had a plant growing inside of him… Robin scared the life out of Jonny… the Willy Wonka themed hotel… a health benefit of being married… Jonny's girlfriend has an on air punishment for him… Dolly Parton is writing a book… Jonny doesn't know whether to be honest to his friend or not… the guys are annoying to Hi FM's Chris Bovaird… a listener calls to tell the guys about his breakfast… the hottest day in Europe is just a normal day in Oman… the guys talk about left handed people… why are Japanese parents sending rice bags to their relatives? THAT'S YER LOT, NOW SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ANOTHER ONE.

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