20 May - The one where Jonny grills a chicken! 🤦‍♂️🐓🤮

The WORST of Robin & Jonny and the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, 20 May 2021 - 50 minutes

Robin and Jonny argue about splitting the bill... Robin wants parenting advice from Jonny... tales of marriage turbulence from both sexes... Robin survived the great power outage of 2021... Calm Larry's wife stands by her sayings... movies that should be remade with the pandemic in mind... the guys phone a listener to explain the Worst of repeat show... how much does it cost to own a cat or dog?... Jonny loses it and tries to tell a story about a baby jumping festival... Calm Larry puts a call out to Hi FM listeners... Billie Eilish is publishing pictures from her childhood... Robin has a life hack for the next time you order pizza... a guy calls up to invite Robin and Jonny to his house... Jonny grilled a chicken... Seth Rogan shaved his beard... the trials and tribulations of Jonny trying to cook... two US Covid jokes... the most cringe-worthy things the guys have done to impress a crush... listeners share the most embarrassing things they've done to impress a crush... Eva Mendes used to think her face was weird... a caller wants to ask Jonny a VERY personal question... the guys reveal what happens just before they turn the microphones on... Calm Larry doesn't let anyone put him down... another Tom Cruise joke... how do you end a friendship?... unattractive things men do that they think is attractive... why it's taken so long for Bill and Melinda to get divorced... the 4-year-old who loves Spongebob... can we actually breathe through our bottoms? WHAT BREATHE THROUGH OUR BUMMY??? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING????

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