25 March - The one with Robin's BIRTHDAY!!! 🎁😲️🎉

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, March 25th, 2021 - 44 minutes

Would you buy a Dettol fragrance?.. Robin and Jonny are like an old married couple... the guys are disgusted with Hi FM's Rachel Chew... why Ed Sheeran delayed the release of his album... is it unprofessional to use emojis at work?... the guys talk about the Muscat Downsizing Facebook page... Calm Larry ruined his wife's birthday... Tiger Woods is back home after his accident... Robin discovers something new about the Hi FM equipment after 5 years of working for the station... Robin admits Jonny is a trendsetter... where the WHO say Covid originated from... friends of the show send Robin some birthday messages... Bindi Irwin has given birth... a lovely lady calls to wish Robin a happy birthday... Abdul calls and has it even harder on his birthday than Robin does... Trump is finally urging people to get vaccinated... the guys have an argument... Robin and Jonny's first-world problems during the pandemic... what did Cardi B nearly do at the Grammys?.. Mathew McConaughey has a new YouTube channel... Tinder is going to start letting you do background checks on your dates... Netflix is cracking down on password sharing... how life is different after you hit 30... what's in Ryan Seacrest's canister??... a meteorite has been found on a driveway in England... how often do the guys change their underwear?... a girl who met the guys in a coffee shop calls up... Calm Larry wrote a book... a new iPhone app will monitor stalking... St Patrick's Day true or bull and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN WE KNOW YOU HATE YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!