26 May - Robin dribbles, Jonny says 'sorry' & the guys both give the secrets to great radio.

The WORST of Robin & Jonny and the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, 26 May 2022 - 53 minutes

Robin and Jonny are too hot... Jonny has an apology... Robin dribbles... a guy wants to know how Robin and Jonny sound so awake.. Robin does something for the first time ever (!!??)... Robin tells a joke about the big boss Eihab... Matthew McConaughey wants this word banned from the dictionary... what do you do while you wait for the microwave to finish?... do you consider yourself an adult?... the guys try out the coat hanger challenge... Elon Musk has learnt a valuable lesson... we are not wearing a mask anymore... audio message from a girl who wants help... what you scroll through on your phone says about you... a prankster pranks everyone who lands into a London airport... Calm Larry name drops... the top complaints from long suffering wives... did the guys ever get separated from their parents when they were children?... Robin and Jonny's secrets for how to do GREAT radio... the ultimate salad!... Ryan Seacrest is mean about Robin's hair... do you ever lie to your employer?... Calm Larry's phone is broken... kids are losing out on maths skills... the guys discuss midnight eating... Robin was first on the scene for a tanker fire on Muscat Expressway... the story of the man with no experience who landed a plane... AND IS THERE MORE? WHO CARES REALLY!!!

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