2nd Dec - Hi FM's Robin & Jonny Admit to Being BORRRINNNG!

The WORST of Robin & Jonny and the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 - 50 minutes

Robin and Jonny discuss how boring they are... Jonny actually bullied Robin in front of someone from Oman's Ministry of Information and Robin has the audio to prove it... what to do if you hate your boss... is there a prisoner emoji?... Calm Larry doesn't go running... Jonny makes sure his girlfriend isn't listening before he does this bit... Jonny spoke to a guy in the sauce aisle... songs that Jonny hears differently... Facebook is making the world worse... what we spend 45% of our time at work actually doing... the Gorilla Glue girl has a song out... top lies parents tell their children... the guys talk about marrying themselves (????)... Calm Larry reminisces about when he was single... the new Fitbit feature that excites Robin... this is the worst thing about Christmas?... if you could have only one kitchen utensil what would it be?... Jonny tries to do a nice bit about old people but Robin ruins it... the biggest fan of the podcast phones up... Ed Sheeran got a tattoo of his kid's artwork... stop text messaging people these 2 words.. the reason you're not getting ahead at work... the movie Armageddon may be coming true... Jonny tells a joke that makes no sense to anybody... the guys look up their first names on Urban Dictionary... Lindsey Lohan is now engaged... Jonny goes on a rant about the dislike button on YouTube

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