30 Sept - Robin's Dried Fruit Fiasco 🤮

The WORST of Robin & Jonny and the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, 30 September 2021 - 48 minutes

Robin's dried fruit fiasco... Jonny tried to play Gaelic Football... Robin and Jonny discuss their weight... Jonny thinks he has beef with Robin, but errr it's not actually beef at all... Calm Larry read a book about Stockholm Syndrome... Jonny's girlfriend has never seen this classic film... what ruined the adorable thing that Robin saw?... Jonny complains about a perfectly decent burger he was served... why Harry Styles stopped a concert... the 2 reasons why Robins' old school friend is no longer with his wife... Elon Musk and Grimes are splitting up... a girl calls to tell the guys she MIGHT be going to the mall today... how can YOU become a professional clown... Calm Larry discusses language... Jason Statham's new movie... Jonny doesn't know who Linda Evangelista is (do you?!)... an advertised 'free car' was not as it appeared... Jonny is getting old... a guy calls to make a birthday request for next week... Facebook is angry with the Wall Street Journal... how many unread messages does Jonny have?... Robin calls Jonny as he went for a walk around Muscat Grand Mall during the show... the guys slag off a major brand... Calm Larry's ex wants him back... turning toxic fuel into something useful... the guys chat Halloween and the hot costume for 2021... how Jim Hopper lost loads of weight for the new season of Stranger Things... a girl calls with a message to everyone starting university this year... DA DAAAAAAAA THAT'S YER LOT FRIENDS.

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