31 Dec - The one with the bomb. 💣😲

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 - 48 minutes

The guys look back at bits on the show from 2020... Jonny's mum accidentally sent him something explosive in the post... Jonny introduced his girlfriend to his family over video... Vladimir Putin wants to take more control of rap music in Russia... more than half of your Christmas presents this year were what?... Robin's daughter has something to say to Jonny... where did the Banks family go for Christmas?... what is the best age to be EVER?... Jonny has a question about mince pies... the parents who didn't know how to pronounce their child's name... Saturn is losing its rings... the pair who broke into the wrong house... Jonny has beef with Robin... how long did Santa's reindeer work for on Christmas night?... couples who spend a lot of time doing this one thing live longer... Jonny might have got Robin in trouble with the police... what might prevent severe COVID symptoms?... all men are sexist... the guys look at more stuff that happened on the show in 2020... Robin hates the present Jonny got Robin's daughter for Christmas... which celebrity would you trade places with for a day?... Calm Larry is fed up with being a people pleaser... Robin wants to know how long your girlfriend or wife's fingers are!!!... what did Jonny's girlfriend get him for Christmas?... what does Kim Kardashian sleep with?... Bruce Buffer made a cameo video with a twist... the woman who got a new daddy for Christmas... most people buy gifts for their pets... did 2020 turn you into a germaphobe?