5 Dec - The one where Jonny is wrong - AGAIN!!

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, December 5th, 2019 - 46 minutes

Jonny ended up somewhere he didn't mean to be… how it went horribly wrong when Robin tried to teach his daughter about money… a great idea if you can’t find someone a gift… Robin has a tip about buying presents… rules for visiting a new born baby… the world’s most expensive parking space… why you might want to stop posting inspirational quotes on Insta'… Jonny has a bad back and it's entirely his own fault… the genius way a female cop busted a guy… Calm Larry goes to his son's school play… Robin asked engineering to get the studio Christmas tree… what NOT to get a colleague for Christmas… Jonny has an idea for a new show feature… Jonny has beef with Rachel from the Chris and Rachel show… there could be a good reason why you suck at relationships… Calm Larry invades a friends personal space… Nerd News is back!!!… doctors have put people in suspended animation for the first time… putting on what will make you perform better?… movie translations of English speaking movies… when do our bodies start falling apart… the intangible Christmas gifts (???)… Robin and Jonny are ruining the environment!!!… Jonny tests Robin on the hottest new dating terms… a wellness guru wants you to tan your bummy… there's a new Michael Jackson musical, but you wouldn’t be able to guess what it's about… Jonny was wrong about something and made a complete fool of himself (as usual!)