6 May - The one with Jonny's cat. 😾

The WORST of Robin & Jonny and the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, 6 May 2021 - 49 minutes

Robin and Jonny argue (AGAIN!) about how to watch a movie... Calm Larry loves to sing... Jonny has a plan to add 16% more listeners!!... where did the movie term 'Blockbuster' actually come from?... Jonny wrote a story about the Hi FM Morning Show... the FBI raided Rudy Guiliani's apartment... Robin has a supercut of President Biden's address to the nation... Robin and Jonny chat about the big storm... the storm in Muscat put Jonny in a bad mood... the new cool trend is to watch people studying on-camera... Princess Charlotte turned 6 and her party was a disaster... what is the best slogan for space tourism?... what is the worst thing you've said in a job in a job interview?... what shocking thing did Robin say in his job interview that got him the job? Calm Larry joins a passive-aggressive club... all aboard the Goop cruise... what's the most annoying sound?... the truth about why we gossip... Jonny has a rubbish idea for promoting himself as a presenter... the most boring things about modern life... the Fast and Furious could do a crossover movie... the guys celebrate Star Wars day... will Jonny adopt the cat that has befriended him?... the sequel to Driver's License... the guys screw up the same bit 3 times... Calm Larry is in a snow globe... the top way for you to get out of a bad date if you are a lady... AND MAYBE MORE? WHO KNOWS?

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