8 July - Jonny tries to giveaway the rubbish from his house!

The WORST of Robin & Jonny and the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, July 8th, 2021 - 52 minutes

Robin's great hack to get kids eating their vegetables... Adam Sandler is doing a movie about basketball... Calm Larry has a message for the ladies... the last two Fast and Furious movies are going into production... Jonny tries to give away the rubbish in his house on the show... no one cares about Jonny's competition... is your dog one of your best friends?... how magnets can help you lose weight... Jonny forgets how to speak... Robin's bit that is definitely NOT about Fortnite or Tiddlywinks... the things we forget the most... it was Jonny's birthday and he got a present FOR Robin... Donald Trump and his tax crimes... what did people miss most about their commute to the office during the pandemic?... the world's most respectful burglar... Robin's wife talks to herself... the surprising place couples spend most of their time together in the house... Robin's passionate football commentator quiz... Robin tries to wish Post Malone a happy birthday, but Jonny makes it all about himself... the disposable face mask that can detect Covid... the guys agree it's not nice to dump someone via text message... how David Walliams is encouraging people to get their Covid jabs... shop receipts could be making you less manly... Ryan Seacrest joins the guys for another edition of 'What's in Ryan Seacrest's Canister'... the woman who caused a crash at the Tour De France has been arrested... Jonny discusses hot dog etiquette... women prefer tall men (DUHHH!)... Calm Larry thinks outside the box... AND PERHAPS ONE OR TWO OTHER BITS.

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