9 April - The one with the plastic bag. 🛍️ 🤯

Robin & Jonny with the Worst of the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, April 8th, 2021 - 49 minutes

What's your hobby?... Jonny has MAJOR beef with Robin and Jonny then throws it back on him... how are Robin and Jonny's home workouts going?... the guys celebrate Quasi from Hala FM's birthday... Robin wants an apology from Jonny but doesn't get it... Robin is furious with Jonny but it turns out he has been tricked... the guys listen to Hi FM's sexy new jingles, but there is a problem... a guy calls up because he wants to meet the guys... the new AI program that can predict arguments... Jonny was recognized but it wasn't how you think... a guy finds 15,000 bees in his car... who is happier - morning or night people?... Jonny is really annoyed at the adverts he is being shown on social media... what percentage of people have never been on the internet?.. when do you shower, morning or night?... the new Louis Vuitton bag has left Robin and Jonny scratching their heads... there has been an increase in these phrases on Tinder during the pandemic... Jonny takes issue with a well-known phrase... Jonny spent a fortune on a new phone but won't buy a case because it's too expensive... George RR Martin has signed a huge deal... the new heavy metal band fronted by cats... Jonny's consumer advice for having a cheap wedding... don't go to bed angry... a common thing that really annoys the guys... the cat who has been living a double life... MEEEEEAWWWWWWW! THAT'S IT.