9th Dec - Robin & Jonny, an Elf on the Shelf and a belch.

The WORST of Robin & Jonny and the Hi FM Morning Show

Thursday, December 9th, 2021 - 49 minutes

The top Christmas gifts from the year's Robin and Jonny were born... the guy who tried to trick the Covid vaccine centre... are the guys going to get each other Christmas gifts?... Apple's electric car... what's majorly changed in Jonny's life since he shaved his beard off?... Calm Larry is accused of being lazy... why was Robin's wife angry at him... Jonny can't decide how to transport a gift on a flight for his mum... do you give your pets a gift for Christmas?... advice for men from Benedict Cumberbatch... Robin and Jonny might be robots... the trials and tribulations of Jonny's Elf on the Shelf... the human brain has decreased in size... Zoom has a very uncool new feature... the secret to losing weight this Christmas... Diana used to sing this to Prince William... the record for the loudest belch has been broken and of course there is audio!... how supermarkets are going to make you spend more... Martin Sheen is now not for profit... what kind of car you drive indicates whether you are a psycho... the woman who sued after getting a facial... Robin chatted to a guy who wanted to do a show on Hi FM... Calm Larry's wife had an issue on the bus... the devastating news of Canada's maple syrup shortage... Jonny makes a meal out of a simple mishap... Jonny has an issue with Hi FM's Rachel Chew so the guys decide to call her... Billie Eilish revealed her tattoos... why do you hate Christmas music?... Jonny's ideas for alternative Advent Calendars... THAT'S IT, NOW STOP LOOKING IN THE WARDROBE FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS GIFT... YOU'VE GOT NOTHING AGAIN THIS YEAR!

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