10 ways moving to Oman changes you as a person

Since moving away from your home country, you'll notice there are some little things that are different about your personality, and that's because Oman has changed you... Without you even realising! 

1: You get cold way easier

You've climatised, congratulations! You're now feeling cold at 25ºc; you may want to buy some jumpers! 

2: You've changed the way you drive

Your road rage will have subsided, and now you just put up with the way the roads work out here, and that's the best way to do it! 

3: You've become an expert at haggling 

If you're getting a cab anywhere, you better get a good price!

4: You become lazier

There's a drive-thru on every corner, talabat lets you order right from your phone, and you probably don't even clean your house! 

5: And you're okay with that

Hey! There's nothing wrong with that, embrace it and enjoy! 

6: Your fashion sense has totally changed

You'll have a million maxi dresses if you're a girl, and guys, you'll have a million more t-shirts and shorts! 

7: You'll own two pairs of shoes

Flip flops and trainers... And maybe a pair of fancy shoes for special occasions. But mostly flip flops!

8: You've got the lingo down

You know at least 15 words in Arabic and will only use them in a taxi or to your Omani co-worker. 

9: You'll get increasingly factual 

You'll have a list of reasons why you love Oman, and it will be full of facts about nature, the lifestyle, and the people.

10: You'll realise you're totally able to fall in love with a country

Because look at this place, how can you not?!

What other ways have you changed since moving to Oman, add them to the comments below!