10 things to do during the summer holidays in Oman

School holidays have just started for everyone in Oman… 

So you're going to be spending a lot more time with your family and children this summer than you have in the past and that means parents need things to do that are:; Socially distanced and don't involve even MORE screen time.

Yes, activities like that DO exist!!!! 

Here are 10 examples we here at Hi FM suggest…

10. Making and then eating cookies… Mmmmmmmmm

9.  Playing with water guns…. Yeah, it’s great for like 2 minutes!

8.  Making a home movie theatre… Make sure you don’t watch ‘saw’ with them though!

7.  Teaching the kids a new skill. Like doing stuff for YOU!

6.  Making breakfast as a family. If you can stand that. 

5.  Building blanket and pillow forts. Aww remember doing this?

4.  Reading books. Books? What are they???

3.  Making arts and crafts. It gets REALLY messy so watch out!

2.  Camping in the back garden. It may not be Jabal Akhdar but use your imagination! Haha

1.  Playing board games. We are seriously addicted to Rummikub right now!