10 times Oman blew your mind!

Oman is an incredible place, full of history, nature and beauty. So it's only fair that at times we take a step back and go... Woah! Here are 10 times, Oman blew your mind! 

1: When Nature did this! 

Cyclone Gonu was a freak storm that formed on June 1st and dissipated on June 7th. It was unlike anything Oman had ever seen, and we've never seen anything quite like it since! 

2: When you realise how old this is

Nakhal fort was built in the pre-Islamic times, and then refurbished for the first time in the 17th century! So we're not even sure how old it actually is!

3: When you look up and see this! 

Nature did that! Whaaaat?!

4: When they built a hotel on top of the mountains! 

Imagine waking up 6,500ft up! 

5: When you go underwater and see this! 

Grab a snorkel and go and explore underwater this weekend! We dare ya!

6: When you're driving along Sultan Qaboos Highway and see this! 

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque was completed in 2001 and has the world's second-largest hand woven carpet: it has 1,700,000,000 knots, weighs 21 tonnes and took four years to produce. And the world's second largest chandelier, which is 14 meters tall.

7: When you take the kids to the mall, and they play in this! 

Your kids will never be bored ever again; that place is huge! 

8: When you're driving home after a long day and see this! 

You could stare at that all day!

9: When the earth decided to make this! 

A part of the world sunk one day... And now we have the world's coolest swimming pool! AWESOME!

10: When you can spend your weekend swimming in this! 

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