10 times you know you're addicted to memes...

1; It's 2am and you've got another 10 pages of memes to go...tomorrow will be a looooong day at work.

2; You actually bring memes into casual conversations with workmates. They think you're an idiot.

3; Your facebook feed is pretty much just animal memes. Well, they are addictive.

4; You read a listicle. There are no memes. You don't know if you're angry, disappointed or just plain sad.

5; Your internet history does not show you in a good light.

6; Some friends only communicate with you via memes. You know EXACTLY what they mean. And you love it.

7; You look at every post entitled '32 pages of cat memes'. You don't even like cats.

8; Your data package runs out really, really fast.

9; When you see a meme someone you know made you are insanely jealous. You spend ages thinking of your own. You never actually make one.

10; You got to the end of this, didn't you?!