16 things that mildly thrill expats in Oman

There's a lot of us living in Oman, from all walks of life, and it doesn't matter if you've been here for 10 months, or 10 years, here are 16 things that mildly thrill expats in Oman.

1: Smiling at a stranger, and they smile back!

2: When you start to feel a little colder in the mornings

3: When you go to Lulu, and your favourite food is back on the shelves after months of not having it

4: When a home comfort has appeared on the shop shelf

5: When you finally know the best route to avoid the rush hour traffic

6: When you sympathise with visa runners

7: When your family visit!

8: When you can eat lunch outside again! 

9: When you wake up on a Friday morning, and don't have to go to work!

10: When you wake up on a Friday, and have a brunch to go to

11: Public holidays

12: When you meet a person who is new to Oman

13: And they start asking you loads of questions

14: That you know the answers too! 

15: When you come home to a clean house

16: When you begin to call Oman "home"