17 thoughts you have waiting for the rain in Oman

So apparently a 3-day rain forecast is expected to hit Oman, but so far, in Muscat we've had nothing! Here are 17 thoughts you have waiting for the rain to come in Oman. 

1: There are more clouds in the sky! 

2: I miss the rain

3: I can't wait to feel the first few drops! 

4: I can't wait to see PUDDLES! 

5: It does feel colder...

6: Maybe it really is gonna rain! 

7: Maybe it's raining in the mountains???

8: I hope it comes to us

9: Remember when that McDonalds was submerged in rainwater?!

10: I want it to rain, but not that much! 

11: Maybe it rained while I was sleeping! 

12: I shouldn't wash my car just in case! 

13: Maybe I should wash my car, then it will definitely rain

14: It always happens like that! 

15: Still NOTHING! 

16: When did it rain last year....?

17: While the rest of the world is waiting for it to snow, all I want is for it to RAIN!!