20 thoughts you have when it rains in Oman!

If you haven't noticed, it rained today across most parts of Muscat! And while it's very exciting, and we love a change of scenery, we're pretty confident everyone has thought of one of these at least once today! Here are 20 thoughts you have when it rains in Oman! 


2: We have some rain! 

3: I wish it could be like this every day! 

4: The air feels so much fresher! 

5: I love driving with my windscreen wipers on! 

6: Look at the water running down the mountains! 

7: I hope this sticks around for more than one day! 

8: Wow... Are the roads slower than usual today?

9: Oh, I understand why... I'm driving in a river

10: Great, I'm gonna be late for work now


12: It just comes out of the sky, sits on the floor and then dries up, it's nothing special! 

13: My feet are cold

14: My socks are damp

15: Even though it's raining, it's still hot

16: Maybe I shouldn't have put two jumpers on, a jacket, scarf and a hat...

18: Everyone is talking about the rain

19: It's like the world has ended!

20: I miss the sun...