5 Genius Back-to-School tips!

It's the start of a brand new school year and for some a brand new school.

We thought we'd help you out with some awesome back-to-school tips and tricks that'll make studying and being back in the classroom more fun! 

1. When writing notes use colourful pens and highlighters.

Let's be honest, using funky stationary for school makes things just that bit brighter in the classroom. Using a colourful pen to take down notes can make your lesson a little more interesting and using highlighters makes the page look a little less dull! 

2. Chat with friends about studies.

We know that when you leave the school gates the last thing you wanna do is talk ABOUT SCHOOL!

However, a problem shared... Chat with friends about any school worries or if you're unsure about something in class that day ask a friend to explain! 

3. Keep a to-do list. 

Sometimes it's easy to miss deadlines. Never miss handing that essay in on time again. Get yourself the cutest notebook you can find and place it in your school bag and write in there all your homework, deadlines and stuff that needs doing! 

4. Set up a study space at home.

Make a space in your room where you can sit and study. Decorate the area and make it inviting. That way you'll want to sit down there and do your homework.

5. Download some helpful apps


We're not talking about Snapchat here... although chilling out using some filters (such as our Hi FM Filter) can be fun!

There are plenty of apps out there now that can help you to learn stuff. Like Duolingo this can help you to learn languages fast, on Quizlet you can design flashcards to help with learning or BrainPop is a great way to watch movies and learn! 

Finally, we thought we'd share this video from WENGIE as it contains some super cool "Back-to-School hacks".

We got you covered!