5 Things to do during the curfew

With Oman experiencing another night-time curfew we have some ideas of how to stay busy and safe at home. 

1. Get fit 

There are loads of home workouts on YouTube to get you moving around your home and some of them are fun, we said some, so don't come crying to us if they're not! 

2. Tie Dye

Grab some elastic bands, fabric dye [if you can't find any you can use food colouring] and get creative revamping some old clothes or towels.

3. Bake

The banana cake craze was so last year, what about trying this carrot cake instead? It will be great practice ahead of Eid.

4. Learn a Tik Tok dance 

Take a leap out of Ellie's book, who is Muscat's answer to Addison Rae and smashing it on Tik Tok. 


i really like this dance #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #viral #trend #dancechallenge

♬ Ski Mask The Slump God – Foot Fungus - Kiersten

5.  Learn an instrument 

Now, your neighbours may call the R.O.P with a noise complaint, but why not become the next Billie Eilish and test out your musical talents? If you don't have an instrument to hand you could always just shake a bag of rice!