5 ways to style out the heat in Oman this summer

It's starting to get hotter than the sun already, so make sure you're ready for styling out the summer...

1: Make like a runner and pour water over your head constantly

Now no one will know you are sweating more than anyone ever has.

2: Become obsessed with a tv series

Aggressively suggest your friends watch it too as they would ‘definitely love it’.  Even though they hate that genre and never watch tv.  Post spoilers on facebook to really take it up a notch.

3: Stay in the lovely air con and post old photos on social media

Otherwise how will your friends in cold countries know to be jealous of your beach time still?

4: Wear cycling clothes to work even though you drive there

Then spend the day bragging about your early morning workout so no one knows that amount of sweating was actually because you walked the two paces from your car to the office.

5: Order the spiciest food you can find for your significant other

Well you don't want to be the sweatiest person in the room, do you?!