6 times you know it's summer in Oman

Summer has definitely arrived in Oman and you may well be suffering from the below...

1: Your favourite thing is air conditioning. 

You see the air con guy more than your significant other.  Any problem with your air con is an EMERGENCY.  Make it freezing in every room please!! Then there's that hot blast of air when you start the car...urgh.

2: Working out is so last month. 

Instead of going to the gym you now just walk from your car to your sofa.  Feels and looks like you've had a two hour workout. Urgh.

3: Everyone is a weather reporter. 

Every social interaction starts with a running commentary of how hot it is.  How many ways can you say it's too hot?!

4: You wash your clothes more than you ever thought possible. 

The washing machine is on ALL the time as you have to change outfits so much.  On the bright side, it all dries really fast outside.

5: Staying in really IS the new going out. 

It's just tooooooooo hot to go out.  Tv and snacks again anyone?!

6: You're obsessed with the temperature gauge in your car. 

Your social media feeds are full of photos of car dashboards showing the temperature.  It's not a competition, but I'm winning.