Adele confirms she will be performing at The BRITs

After postponing her show at Caesars Palace a lot of fans thought that Adele and her boyfriend Rich Paul's relationship was on the rocks and that was the real reason for the cancelled dates in Vegas and not the delays to the show that she had explained in her apology video to her fans. 

Adele has now put an end to that speculation during her BRITs announcement.

Adele posted this on social media:

“Hiya, so I’m really happy to say that I am performing at the Brits next week!! Anddddd I’ll also be popping in to see Graham for a chat on the couch while I’m in town too! I’m looking forward to it! Oh, and Rich sends his love ♥️”

[Graham being comedian and chat show host Graham Norton]

We love her little dig at the press at the end of the post and cannot wait to see her BRITs performance on Wednesday, 9th February.