Ariana Grande didn't attend The Grammys

Arianators, have been left heartbroken after Ariana Grande was snubbed for a Grammy.

Ariana Grande for a second year decided to skip the awards show and just watch at home.

The artist who lost out on two awards shows posted this on her social media: 

"Some positions memories to celebrate grammy day :) reflecting on an incredible process with so many creatives that i love and respect so deeply. i love this album so. it’s an honor to be recognized today alongside so many brilliant musicians and human beings that i love. to have each other, to have the gifts that we have, to share and feel heard.. is not something to take for granted, we’ve already won. :) have a beautiful time, i am celebrating all of you there today!"

Fans were quick to make memes and comment on Ari skipping the award show:

The last time Ari attended was back in 2020, it's safe to say fans missed her.

Fans think THIS interview is the reason she didn't win an award this year:

Do you think Ariana missed the awards as she knew she wouldn't win?