Azealia Banks has been banned from Instagram!

The Barbs will be happy to hear about this.

Azealia Banks has been banned from Instagram!

She is known for her outspoken personality and controversial perspectives on music and the world.

Banks had been using her Instagram page to advertise and sell her line of soaps and providing previews of her new music throughout the past few weeks.

She recently shared her opinions on Instagram stories, where she accused Nicki Minaj of “sabotaging other black female rappers behind the scenes.” 

Banks also responded a few days ago to comments that Kanye West had made about Lizzo’s weight; “He can’t be trying to lollipop off the four-year-old discussion about Lizzo’s health and weight when he has an entire McDonald’s commercial.”

After having a Twitter argument with Latto, Banks stated in one of her final remarks that Nicki Minaj needed “serious treatment.” 

“The Barbs need to petition to get Nicki Minaj some rehab and mental health services through the Grammys music cars program,” “Moreover, The Grammys music vehicles program is an incredible chance,” said one participant. “…in light of the fact that an anger level of this site is by no means typical.”

As a result of these negative posts that are promoting bullying, Instagram deleted her user account from the system from that point onward.