Beyonce just did THIS for the first time!

The Beyhive has no doubt noticed something BIG has happened!

Queen Bey has over 216 million followers on Instagram BUT previously was not following anyone, until now.

Yes, Beyonce is now following ONE account on Instagram, but who's?


Beyonce and her husband Jay Z have teamed up with Tiffany and Co for another shoot, BUT the jewellery company is not the account, it's in fact Jay Z. He created an Instagram account!

Beyonce shared a photo of the couple on Instagram with the caption: "ABOUT LOVE | @tiffanyandco"

It may be soppy, but it is kind of cute!  

24 hours later, normality has been restored as Jay Z deleted his Instagram account. 

Within two hours he had gained 2.2 million followers and by the end of the day, he had only 1 million followers less than his wife.  

The internet's reaction to Jay Z creating and deleting the account are brilliant: