Beyonce's rumoured Disney deal

In 2019 Beyonce starred in Disney's The Lion King remake as Nala and it was great!

Not only did she voice one of the characters but she wrote and recorded an alternative soundtrack to the film 'The Lion King: The Gift'. The album featured her daughter Blue Ivy, Pharrell Williams, Childish Gambino, Jay-Z and many more. 

After the success of The Lion King, Disney is keen to pair up again with Beyonce. Supposedly there is a 40 million OMR deal in the works.

Queen Bey has already announced she will feature on the 'Black Panther 2' soundtrack, the deal is also rumoured to include her voicing a documentary on Disney+, this would be similar to Meghan Markle who provided a voice-over for the movie 'Elephant' on the streaming site. 

Whatever Beyonce does with Disney we are sure it will be gold and cannot wait!