Britney Spears shared a post adoring Selena Gomez on Instagram

Britney Spears has had a turbulent few months following her conservatorship with many questionable Instagram posts.

However, Britney has recently shared a post on Instagram adoring Selena Gomez.

Turns out Britney is a Selenator, praising the singer's mental health work and thanking the star for surprising her by attending her wedding. 

Fans have been pleasantly shocked to see Britney also singing her Mother's praises after her Mum's kind words following her wedding. 

The post reads:

"She came to my wedding … the three most beautiful women in hollywood … @drewbarrymore@parishilton 😍 … I had no idea !!! I was SO HAPPY !!! She told me “I just want you to be happy” three times ... My mother does that as well … It was so cool she was able to get to me and share her thoughts 💭… Although I’ve been forced to see people against my will my whole life ... she was a beautiful surprise !!! I appreciate ALL the mental health speeches she does for our generation ... Two hour specials with representatives … You’re such a special person and I had to share this picture … I thought it would make her happy 💕 !!!

PS … My mom was asked by the paparazzi 3 times on the street “How does your daughter feel about your response to her wedding” … she said all she wanted for me was to be happy !!! Mom and Selena, I’m so happy to have such a supportive family !!! God bless you 💕💕💕."