BSM is raising money for charity

British School Muscat’s 24-Hour Run is back!!!

BSM is raising money for four Omani charities:

  • Omani Bahjah Orphan Society
  • Dar Al Atta'a
  • The Oman Cancer Association
  • The Environment Society of Oman


The idea is that the BSM baton starts being carried around the school track at 7.35 am by students of the school (each student from 3-18 will have one lesson when they join the cause and walk/run/jog around the track. One person carries the baton and this keeps changing, but in short, the idea is that the baton is moving (by a runner rather than a walker) for the whole 24 hours.

BSM students and staff will be running during the day. However, it is in the evening and through the night that the school running track can become a lonely place.

This is where YOU can come in. YOU can join in with the event!!!

If you can’t sleep why not pop down to BSM during the night for a run around?


The fundraising event is taking place from Monday, 21st November at 7.35am to Tuesday, 22nd November at 7.35am. 


British School Muscat's playing field.

Watch the stream here:

Mary's story:

Mary and her sister previously raised 300 OMR for British School Muscat’s 24-Hour Run and this year she is hoping to raise even more!!! 

Rachel Chew [weekdays 4-7pm] caught up with Mary to find ALL about the fundraising event!

Have a listen to their chat here: