Cardi B causes a stir on Twitter

Cardi B had caused a stir on Twitter and her fans aren't happy! 

It all started with one tweet asking if she should spend $88K (OMR 33K) on a purse.

People were quick to tweet that this money should be spent better and sent her links to charities she should donate to instead. 

Cardi responded with a print screen of an article proving that she had already donated one million dollars for Coronavirus Relief. 

She didn't stop there, she wanted to make sure she shut the trolls up properly by posting another print screen this time proving how she had donated 20,000 meal supplements to New York Medical Staff.

 No, it didn't stop there. Cardi then went on to explain how she helps her family out financially too:

Despite this, the singer continued to get backlash and decided to start a new challenge to encourage others to donate to charity:

Still, Cardi B continued to get trolled on Twitter resulting in her releasing an apology to anyone she may have offended.

Whether you like it or not Cardi tweeted saying she still wants to buy the purse.