Celebs celebrate Father's Day!

Reasons why we love Father's Day... We can only really think fo one and that is to spy on celebrities!

Here are some of our favourite celebrity's social media posts on Father's Day...

Travis Scott:

Kylie Jenner proved that Travis Scott celebrated in style with Stormi. However, the baking skills may need some work, just saying!

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Bruno Mars:

This photo explains a lot about where Bruno gets his style from. 

David Beckham:

We had no doubt that 'Posh' would share a photo of The Beckham's and it definitely didn't disappoint...

We are still trying to work out how we can join the family?

Noah Centineo:

Wait a second, maybe we want to join Noah's family instead? The Netflix star proved his family know how to celebrate a 'holiday'.  

Justin Bieber:

Unlike many celebrities, Justin stuck to social distancing rules and shared a throwback of him and his Dad.

Camila Cabello:

Now, this is what we are talking about; Camila wrote a song and filmed a video including her favourite memories with her Dad. Thanks, Camila for putting us all to shame, think it's safe to say she won Father's Day!

Check out the video here: