Chris Pratt has a secret talent!

If you're a Marvel fan you'll have no doubt watched the 'Guardians of The Galaxy' movies starring Chris Pratt. 

Maybe you're more familiar with his voice from Disney's 'Onward' where he starred alongside Tom Holland, who also plays Spiderman in the Marvel movies. 

Chris uploaded a video to his Instagram revealing a new talent... That he can complete a Rubik's cube in 60 seconds. 

Ok, so it doesn't beat The Guinness World Record which stands at 4.22 seconds. Nevertheless, the actor's showbiz pals congratulated Chris Pratt on his personal achievement of solving the Rubik's cube. 

Tom Holland commented, "Mate that was sick" with Bryce Howard (who stars in Jurrassic Park with Chris) commenting "Welcome to my life on set between scenes sitting beside @prattprattpratt 😂".