Could there be another 'High School Musical' reunion?


Sorry, we will stop shouting but this is exciting. 

Zac Efron visited East High a.k.a the school from 'High School Musical'.

Efron captioned 'Don’t you… Forget about me ✊🏼' playing homage to 'The Breakfast Club' movie.

HOWEVER, eagle-eyed fans noticed that former flame and 'High School Musical' co-star Vanessa Hudgens also went to East High over the weekend. 

AND she was there at the same time judging by the time on the clock in the photo!!!

Yes, Vanessa shared her post three weeks ago, but maybe they took the photo and video on the same day?

In 'Disney Family Singalong' back in 2020 members of the 'High School Musical' cast performed "We're All in This Together" via video chat. But Zac Efron wasn't part of the ensemble. Instead, he introduced the group before their performance aired.

Considering this fail on Zac's part this is VERY exciting for fans hoping to see these two on the same screen again.