Cyclone Mekunu - as it happened...

Updated: 17:00 - Sunday 27th May




Updated: 10:00 - Sunday 27th May

Today's weather looks like this:

The sea looks like this today:


At 2 am this Morning rainfall across Oman looked like this.

At 10 pm last night after a meeting, the committee declared that the direct effects of the tropical storm were over.

We're thankful always to those from the Emergency services who've worked tirelessly to rescue and help people during Mekunu and continue to look after the safety of citizens, residents of Oman. 


Updated: 20:30 - Saturday 26th May

Wind speeds are now down to 17-27 knots.




Updated:16:20 - Saturday 26th May

SalamAir also will resume flights tomorrow.



 Updated:16:00 - Saturday 26th May

It's been announced that Salalah airport will reopen from 12 am the 27th May.


Also, Oman Air has announced that flights to and from Salalah will resume.


The Tropical Cyclone Mekunu's intensity has dropped with wind speeds of 28-33 knots at 12 pm.

It was announced ten minutes ago (4.40pm) that wind speeds have dropped yet again and were now around 20 to 25 knots.

Mwasalat made this announcement on their Twitter:


Rescue operations continue.


Updated: 10:35 - Saturday 26th May

The Royal Oman Police advise citizens and residents to stay indoors still.


Updated: 10:30 - Saturday 26th May

The civil defence has been working continuously over the last 24hrs to help people in Salalah and the surrounding areas and the rescues continue. 


Updated: 10:10 - Saturday 26th May



Updated: 09:50 - Saturday 26th May

Oman declares a public holiday on 27-29th May in Dhofar due to Mekunu, Oman News Agency has reported.

The holiday comes as a direction from Sultan Qaboos bin Said as the southern governorate continues to deal with the aftermath of Mekunu.


Updated: 09:30 - Saturday 26th May

Mekunu has now been downgraded to a Tropical Storm with wind speeds of around 35 to 50 Knots

Well over 200mm of rain has fallen on Salalah over the last 24hrs causing flash floods.


Updated: 7:30 - Saturday 26th May

 Cyclone Mekunu weakens to a Category One cyclone. 


Updated: 22:00 - Friday 25th May


Updated: 21:45 - Friday 25th May

Two Indian navy ships have set sail from India to Oman, to help with relief and rescue work as stated in the tweet below.

Scenes in Salalah right now: 

On social media earlier:



Updated: 18:10 - Friday 25th May

Faisal Salim Al Hajri, Director of the Executive Office for the National Commission for Civil Defence has this advice:


Updated: 17:45 - Friday 25th May


Tidal valleys now in Dhofar... #ظفار_في_ودايع_الرحمن 



Updated: 17:20 - Friday 25th May

Parts of Salalah & Dhofar have received extremely heavy rainfall as Cyclone Mekunu approaches.

Salalah airport with remain closed for another 24hrs it has been announced. 

Operations of the field response teams have been brought to a halt right now due to strong winds and heavy rainfall, Oman’s National Emergency Management Centre announced on Twitter.


Updated: 16:15 - Friday 25th May

Reports of isolated showers now falling in Muscat.


Updated: 16:00 - Friday 25th May

Heavy rain is now falling in Salalah, Shalim and the islands of Hallaniyat. There's heavy rain and high winds in Sadah and Joufa and widespread power cuts in the area of Shreshti and Wardit. 

Oman Meteorology has announced the total amount of rainfall over the last 24 hours. 


Updated: 13:00 - Friday 25th May



Updated: 11.30 - Friday 25th May

Cyclone Mekunu has intensified and is now a CAT 2 Cyclone with wind speeds of 80 to 85 Kt 


Updated: 09.00 - Friday 25th May

Salalah Port has evacuated all ships and is closed for the next 72 hours. Below, is the latest statement from PACA:

If you need help during Cyclone Mekunu, Oman's National Committee for Civil Defence has released a list of emergency numbers. 

Oman's Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA): 9999

Civil Defence Dhofar: 23234599

Civil Defence Sadha: 23234975

Civil Defence Salalah: 23290077

Civil Defence Awqad: 23212146

Civil Defence Raysut: 23219131

Civil Defence Mirbat: 23268594

Civil Defence Taqa: 23258077

Water emergency: 1445 or 23290052

Electricity emergency: 154 or 23219188

Ambulance Awqad: 99479463

Sultan Qaboos Hospital Salalah: 23216100


Updated: 01.00 - Friday 25th May

The latest from Royal Oman Police:


The police are closing the Sea street in the Soukara area of the state in #الجازر anticipation of any landslides caused by the rains. 
#شرطة_عمان_السلطانية #ميكونو #عمان_مستعدة


The police are closing the sea road in the Dahrez area of Dhofar Governorate and closing the coastal road in the central governorate to be affected by sea-level rise, and deploying patrols to follow up on various developments caused by the impact of Hurricane #ميكونو #شرطة_عمان_السلطانية



Follow PACA on TWITTER HERE for more updates.

Cyclone Mekunu is 270 km away from Salalah

The surface winds are blowing at speeds between 70 to 80 knots (130 to 148 Km/h).


Updated: 21.00 - Thursday 24th May


Ooredoo Oman shared this tweet:


Updated: 18.00 - Thursday 24th May

The centre of Cyclone Mekunu is about 450km from Al Mahra coasts with chances of heavy rain, gale wind, and high waves that about 5-7 meters. Residents of Dahariz and Hafah coasts in the wilayat of Salalah have been evacuated due to a high level of water, according to Oman’s National Emergency Management Centre (ONEHC). Rakhyut Hospital has also been closed.

Latest update from PACA:


Updated: 15.15 - Thursday 24th May

Salalah Airport will close at Midnight for 24 hours. Check with your airline for further details. 




Updated: 13.00 - Thursday 24th May

Updated: 12.30pm - Thursday 24th May

Cyclone Mekunu is now located 400km away from Salalah. It is expected to turn into a category 2 cyclone within the next 12 hours.


Updated: 10.30am - Thursday 24th May

Cyclone Mekunu hit Yemeni island Socotra late on Wednesday night and is now heading towards Oman.
Yemen high commission declared Socotra as a disaster zone. Seven people were declared missing and hundreds were evacuated from their homes after Cyclone Mekunu hit. Two ships have also been reported as missing in the area.

The latest from the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) has said that Cyclone Mekunu's storm clouds are 40 km away from the Wilayat of Sadah, Dhofar.

The cyclone is expected to hit Dhofar and Al Wusta coasts on Friday. The public has been urged not to go near wadis or low lying areas.
It is expected to turn into a high-intensity category 2 cyclone within the next 24 hours.

Sultan Qaboos Hospital in Salalah is evacuating all patients, critical cases and dialysis patients are currently being transferred by the Royal Air Force, the Ministry of Health announced.

The latest from PACA: @OmanMeteorology on Twitter:


On a recent Twitter update, the Royal Oman Police advised citizens and residents to move from low areas to safer areas. The below was the advice from Brigadier General of Dhofar Governorate police: 

The latest from SalamAir:


Updated: 22:00 - Wednesday 23rd May.

Cyclone Mekunu is expected to intensify into a Category Two cyclone within the next 36 hours and will make landfall in southern Oman tomorrow (Thursday). 

Dhofar Governorate is expected to be severely affected by the storm, and surrounding areas could also experience heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds of up to 135kph. Public Authority for Civil Aviation has urged everyone to stay away from the coastline and wadis.

Evacuations of the Helaniyat Islands has already begun. 


The latest from Oman Air & MWASALAT: