Did Selena Gomez diss the friend that gave her a kidney? 

Five years ago, actress Francia Raisa donated a kidney to her longtime friend Selena Gomez.  This weekend, she unfollowed Selena on Instagram.  So, did something happen? That's what it looks like.

In a recent "Rolling Stone" interview, Selena said that her only, quote, "friend in the industry" is Taylor Swift. On an Instagram post highlighting that comment, Francia commented, quote, "interesting" . . . but she has since deleted it.

There's no word if that's why Francia stopped following Selena . . . but it looks like Selena actually HIT BACK. On a post about Francia unfollowing her, Selena commented, quote, "Sorry I didn't mention every person I know."  

(Which would feel more acceptable if Francia had not, you know, GIVEN SELENA A PART OF HER BODY THAT SAVED SELENA'S LIFE.)  (???)