Diplo is releasing new music

Diplo is on it at the moment!

The international DJ just completed three back-to-back shows in New Zealand:

He also recently shared a project he started in Australia helping to teach people how to DJ:

"I'm gonna take you on a little journey through time :. My first tour in Australia was in 2007(ish) . I was just a young dj, fascinated by a new landscape of music, the internet was just starting and music was being shared with small groups of hungry kids worldwide, the parties I was DJing were mashups of global music club songs acapellas and whatever I could find on YouTube that I loved, it didn't matter. I remember hearing hip hop by first nations youth (willcannia mob down the river for instance) and thinking ...? Where are these kids at on my first shows ? All I see is beautiful people all at my shows but they are overwhelmingly white. The next time I toured the country I decided to find some kids, use my name for some sponsorships and teach production to places where even finding a laptop is extremely difficult.. I still can't believe back then a PR person Apple computers was just a few calls away and we secured 5 laptops and 10 licenses from Ableton, as well as midi keyboards and small mics. At this point I had found a group of amazing djs locally in Sydney @Ninalasvegas @levinsonline and all together we created @heapsdecent which has been going ok for 15 years doing every thing from workshops in juvenile jails to talent shows to outreach and classes in the bush.. the first trip we took was to Darwin and then a prop plane to maningrida . Where we buckled down in the local school for a week and I discovered what makes these kids excited and creative. I had been a school teacher briefly in my life so at the very least I could hold their attention. I remember the biggest music at the time was surf rock songs like surfaris wipe out and on the weekend everyone had a breakdance contest after a bunch of footie games. I didn't even have an iphone back then with a camera but here are some digitals I dug up and one of the songs we made on that first trip in the bush.. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί 🫢🏼"

Not only that Diplo is also releasing new music!!! 

The DJ announced that he was channeling his country routes under the name Thomas Wesley again.

"Thomas Wesley is back. “Wasted” ft @kodakblack & @koewetzelmusic is out this Friday and more new country music coming soon 🐊".