Do you even live in Oman if you haven't eaten these...

Have you eaten these five iconic dishes in Oman? If you claim you're a foodie you should have... 

1. Shawarma 

No weekend is complete, scrap that, no day is complete without the garlicky goodness of a Shawarma! Which is better chicken or beef?

2. Mandazi 

If you don't dip it in Karak tea, is there any point?

3. Chips Oman Sandwich 

Surely this one goes without saying; paratha, Puck cheese, hot sauce, and Chips Oman? 

4. Shuwa 

A meal of champions, if you haven't made it yourself with the family, you haven't lived. 

5. CCHO 

If this one has passed you by, for that we are sorry; Croissant, cheese, hotdog and Oman Chips.