Do you know the road laws in Oman?

The majority of us living in Oman are driving, it's the best way of getting from point A to point B.

But do you really know the road laws? What could get you up to 30 days in jail, points on your black license and some pretty hefty fines? Take a look at the giant list below of violations that could cost you a lot of money, and even your license! 

5 black points

Driving an armed vehicle on the road

3 black points

Exceeding the maximum speed limit by 80kmph

Driving around carrying an unusual load, without prior permission

Driving over a bridge exceeding the maximum weight limit

Driving a vehicle whilst hazardous liquid is leaking from it

Driving under the influence

Driving in the opposite direction of traffic on a main road

Driving through a red light

Exchange of vehicle whilst driving, during it's movement

Hit and run

Dangerous driving to you and others around you 

Racing without a permit

2 black points

Exceeding the maximum speed limit for 5km. to 80kmph

Overtaking an overtaking vehicle

Overtaking at a junction/roundabout

Overtaking from the right side (on a road with less than 3 lanes)

Overtaking in the presence of a very close vehicle on the other side of the road

Hazardous overtaking

Driving a vehicle at night with no lights, on an unlit road

Entering a main road without attention

Sudden crossing of lanes

Moving across lanes separated by barriers

Crippling the traffic movement deliberately 

Lack of compliance with the right direction of the road, at traffic lights

Occupation of more than half of the road with 2 directions

1 black point

Failure to reduce speed by a school/hospital/market/crowded areas

Parking in the middle of the road for no reason

Overtaking at a junction/crossroad/intersection

Overtaking on a roundabout

Overtaking at a pedestrian crossing

Overtaking on a slippery location

Overtaking a the head of a turning point/stop

Leaving a broken-down vehicle on the side of the road

Failure to comply with a policeman's signal

Failure to allow passing priority vehicles (Ambulance/police/fire/military)

Driving with broken break lights

Overtaking on the hardshoulder

Failure to allow an overtaking vehicle to return back to it's lane

Flashing your beam lights to prompt another driver to move/speed up

Use of additional search lights on the road in spite of clear visibility

Failure to stop at a pedestrian crossing

Driving a motorcycle on a pavement

Failure to comply with stop signals

Failure to comply with signals with determine passing priority 

Failure to allow passing priority on a roundabout 

Lack of compliance at light signals 

Deliberately creating sound from tyres to attract attention

Covering your face/identity whilst driving

Leaving items on the side of the road that could cause accidents

Not wearing a helmet whilst driving/riding a motorcycle

Failure to comply with a 'NO ENTRY' signal 

Failure to keep the further most right at a turning point

RO 50 fine

Not surrendering a drivers license to ROP after an offence (including 10-30 days in jail)

RO300//10 days in jail

Refraining from presenting a drivers license 

Driving in convoy without permission//at the inconvenience of others

Using electronics whilst driving

Deliberately stopping cars on the street

Driving without valid insurance

Throwing litter from your car

1 month in jail

Driving without care (including RO300 fine)

RO 500 fine

Driving on the wrong side of the road

Driving with a suspended drivers license/plate

Driving recklessly around wadis

Driving under the influence (Starts from RO 200)

Driving Recklessly (Starts from RO100)