Extreme weather warning!

Storm Shaheen is a name we aren't going to forget. 

12 deaths announced and many people have been reported missing due to the devastating affects of the storm.

Authorities declared Sunday and Monday to be official holidays for government and private sector establishments. This is in exception to the governorates of Dhofar and Al Wusta, where the impact of storm was expected to be minimum.

Many schools chose to continue online, whereas others closed. Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) suspended all classes on Sunday and Monday. The university said this decision was in the light of the changing weather conditions and to ensure the safety of students.

Residents of areas within the direct impact of the tropical situation from Barka to Saham, as well as the homes 1km from the coastal strip in Muscat and some coastal areas of South Sharqiyah Governorate were instructed to evacuate their homes and go to the announced shelters.

Traffic was suspended in the Governorates of North and South Al Batina and there was access only for emergency and humanitarian cases.

Many roads are cleaning up the mess, while others remain closed due to fallen trees and debris.

Stay safe Oman.