Gulf Cup Car Decorations only allowed until 15th January!

Let's be honest we are all still jumping for joy regards team Oman's football victory at the weekend, however, if your car is decorated with posters and stickers they'll need to be removed by 15th January 2018. 

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) shared this tweet on their Twitter account which states that car stickers and posters celebrating the Oman football team's win are allowed from 4th January until 15th January 2018.

Also worth noting all stickers and posters on cars should be in line with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) guidelines.

  • Stickers should not be pasted on the front, side and rear windows of the vehicle and they should not cover the number plate of the vehicle or the vehicle's headlights.
  • Posters and stickers are limited to those that express encouragement of the Oman football team.
  • For sedans, posters can be affixed to the car body and the rear window, a rule that also applies to four-wheel drives, which can also feature posters on the side windows towards the back of the vehicle.
  • Stickers on the back window of vehicles should be see through from the inside.
  • Stickers and posters should be made from appropriate materials that are easily removable and should not alter the vehicles overall shape or colour or go against existing road safety regulations.