Heinz Releases Recipes to Make Ketchup, Mayo, and BBQ Sauce Ice Cream

If you're looking for a new stuck-at-home kitchen challenge . . . well, this is something that actually exists. Heinz just released some recipes for making homemade ice cream . . . based on their condiment flavours. What????!!!!!

So if you've ever wanted to try ketchup, mayo, or barbecue sauce ice cream (errr we have NOT!), now you can make it yourself.

The recipes are all pretty simple . . . mostly just adding heavy cream, condensed milk, whole milk, and a few large squeezes of the condiment to a bowl, mixing them up, then freezing them. But they also have suggestions for TOPPINGS, like raspberry sauce and meringue crumbles on your ketchup ice cream, or maybe pecans, and maple syrup on your barbecue sauce ice cream…. “MMMMMMmmmmmm" errrrr or not.

Here are the recipes:

Ketchup: https://heinztohome.co.uk/blogs/news/heinz-ketchup-creamz-recipe

Mayo: https://heinztohome.co.uk/blogs/news/heinz-mayo-creamz-recipe

BBQ Sauce: https://heinztohome.co.uk/blogs/news/heinz-bbq-creamz-recipe

They're from Heinz in the U.K., which is why some of the condiments have different names.