10 Reasons why you'll never want to move 'home'!

By now, most of us are calling Oman "Home" and our home away from home is now where we're "originally from". But eventually, for most expats living in another country, there will be a time where that one-way flight home is inevitable. Here are 10 reasons why it will be super hard to take that flight!

1. You'll have to sell your fancy car!

Say goodbye to your giant 4x4 for the mountains, and hello to something that doesn't guzzle petrol every 20 kilometres, because chances are, the petrol is gonna be more expensive! 

2: You'll have to work on a Friday! 

It can't just be us that thinks the weeks go a lot faster because we start our work week on Sunday?

3: Your Instagram is going to lose appeal... FAST!

No one wants to see a rainy scenery, they want to see the beautiful Omani Mountains glistening in the sun! This brings us on to our next point...

4: The weather is probably not going to be as nice

We did move to the sun for a reason! 

5: You'll have no excuses to get out of family events

Right now, you can say you 'can't afford the long flight home', but if you're living in the same country as your family, we can guarantee you'll be heading to Auntie Julie's 60th! 

6: You can forget about Friday Brunch! 

Get invited to brunch back home and it will be eggs and salmon... NOT the brunch we know and love! 

7: You'll probably have to pay taxes again

You think you've moved back home for the same salary and then the Taxman will come and take what feels like half of it!

8: You'll have to clean your own house or apartment 

Especially because cleaners will be way more expensive at home, and you can't afford one anymore because the Taxman took half your wage. 

9: You've probably forgotten how to use public transport altogether

With only buses and the odd taxi in Oman, taking a train again could be a very new and daunting experience... We're just not ready for that yet! 

10: You'll miss this place like crazy! 

Once you start calling Oman "home" you know, you'll always find it hard to leave!