How Coronavirus is affecting celebs!

The Coronavirus is affecting celebrities from across the globe. 

Tom Hanks tested positive for Covid-19 and has been posting on Instagram from Australia his live updates.

We are glad everyone's favourite actor is safe and on the mend, but that's a lot Veggiemite! 

Gaga also updated her Monsters that she is self-isolating. 

  Lots of events across the globe have been cancelled, including Jam Fest. 

Jonas Brothers announced that they were cancelling their residency in Las Vegas. 

 Rom Com queen Kate Hudson proved that she was willing to take the safety procedures seriously and wore a mask on a flight 

Pitch Perfect actress Elizabeth Banks came up with a great way to keep the kids busy during self-isolation and quarantine with a Scavenger Hunt. 

McFly's Tom Fletcher also came up with a great way of educating and keep his children busy with this little soap experiment.