How long would it take celebrities to reach their current net worth?

We all know that lots of people aren’t doing a job directly related to their university degrees but did you know that many celebrities are also in the same boat? This makes us wonder what would happen if they weren’t famous and if they had to survive in the “normal” job market, relying simply on their degrees like we do?

SEO provider Reboot used '' and estimated the potential 2023 annual salary of celebrities based on their university degrees. 


Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin ranked first as the celebrities who would take the longest to reach their current net worth if they had to earn their fortune based on a university degree alone! Graduating from University College London with a degree in Ancient World Studies, the British singer would be most likely to be a museum curator like other graduates with the same degree. It is estimated that he would be earning an annual salary of 18,682.99 OMR this year, which would have required him to work 3,293 more years in order to reach his current net worth! 


Prince William ranked second. Despite his current net worth standing at 38,446,600 OMR, most typical Geography graduates would earn 15,413.38 OMR on average in 2023 after 17 years of work experience. If Prince William was born into a different family, he may have instead become an architectural technologist - meaning that it would have taken him 2,494 years to become as rich as he is now. 


In third place is actress Emma Watson, who graduated from Brown University with a degree in English literature. With her English degree and interests in journaling and reading books, she could have become a writer after graduation, earning potentially a salary of 14,479.48 OMR this year. This means it would take her 2,257 years to reach the same net worth she has now if she didn’t step into the acting industry playing Hermione Granger.

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