Wanna get a free upgrade on your next flight?

Flight attendants have revealed how best to try and get a free upgrade on your next flight! 

Here are some of the tips that they shared... 

  • Wear something smart - Dress the part. If you wear sweatpants and flipflops you're not likely to get a free upgrade. 
  • Ask for a free upgrade when your travelling alone. Airlines more than often have spare single seats in Business or First Class, therefore, you've got more chance of getting that upgrade if you are travelling alone!
  • Join your airline's loyalty programme. Airlines love loyalty and if you mention that you've joined their loyalty programme they are more likely to step up to try and impress you to keep you coming back to them. 
  • Be early for your flight. The airline might only have 1 or 2 upgrade spaces and if you're first in the queue and first to ask you are more likely to bag an upgrade.
  • Be nice. Being nice to the staff and fellow passengers could help you get that free flight upgrade so remember to smile and be lovely to everyone you meet!!!
  • Let flight attendants know if you are celebrating something. If they know that flights for a special reason like an anniversary or birthday they might wanna make it even more special for you by upgrading you... You never know!